About Graeme Rowatt

I love what I do… but then I would say that… I’ve never looked at what I do as being just a job.

Whatever the subject, to me photography is exciting and always changing… there is always something new to explore… interesting people to meet and to hear tell their stories… new roads to travel in the name of work…

I’ve now got more than 30 years’ experience of working with all types and sizes of business and commercial clients, in the North East, around the United Kingdom and further afield.

I’ve worked on oil rig platforms, in electronics factories, in a cathedral, with fantastic chefs, brilliant engineers and entrepreneurs with a dream, with products from large commercial trucks to others as small as your finger nail, with an opera choir in a railway museum… and even with some Blue Tits and a birdbox! Yes the Blue Tits was a real project… finding the stuffed ones was the real story!

Work tends to revolve around people, getting them to relax, taking the time to understand their project or brand, making them the best they can be… whether it’s in workshops, at motor racing circuits, events or just a great story…

For them photography is about helping them sell their products, tell the story behind the brand or communicate a message to their customers or clients… that’s what interests me… each one is different… each one is interesting… each one is a challenge!

So whether it’s some team portraits… because people are your best asset… or you need a day in the life of your brand… does that sound like you…?

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