It’s that time of year already, where our young girls thought’s turn to… sweets, chocolate… oh and more sweets! It must be all of minutes since the subject was last mentioned by one or the other!

They have been planning their “trick or treating” for some time now… trying on the dresses they will wear and choosing which bucket (oh yes, you read that correctly) they will use to hold their stash of goodies!
Mum’s choice of suitable gifts for their young friends, who may dare to call at our door, has also been under investigation… they tried to get a sample for testing purposes but Mum was wise to that “trick!”
Thankfully they have no intention of being anything other than charming and cute when they visit our neighbours… “tricks” just aren’t in their mind… but make sure you have sweets to hand as the sound of a very small “Mad Midget” who doesn’t get the same as her older sister ( it’s just soooo not fair! ) could definitely be classed as a very nasty Halloween surprise !
Now to explain to the neighbours exactly what I was doing lying out on the front lawn…

Happy Halloween Erin and Freya