Cast bronze sculpture by artist sculptor Michael Kusz, Reeth, North Yorkshire. Studio product image client’s for website
I must be honest, very rarely do commercial clients turn up at the studio “on spec”… indeed such a “well kept secret” are we that often clients require the services of our in-house “traffic controllers” just to find the car park!
So when sculptor Michael Kusz opened the door and walked in, carrying a large cardboard box, he was lucky not to get treated like the other parcel couriers… which we almost thought he was! That he’d driven down from his studio in The Dales on the off-chance that we’d be around… well he’s an artist!
I have to say that that the contents of the box were amazing… Michael creates dramatic, stylised but very animated sculptures of animals… real and imaginery… from metal… and somehow brings them to life. After that first visit we agreed that in the future we’d make arrangements to guarantee he didn’t waste a journey.
Which is what gets us to his later visit, another cardboard box… much larger this time…This was a beautiful sculpture, designed in The Dales, of what I called a sea monster. As we were just about to start another project this sculpture sat quietly in the studio for a few days, whilst I wondered how I’d light something which seemed to reflect the entire studio!
Needless to say I quickly christened it “Nessie”… you can take the boy out of Scotland, but not the ancestry out of the boy… which we thought was quite appropriate given the rising, curling swirls of it’s body… it appeared to be leaping out of the water…So when Michael returned to collect his beautiful work and review the images we’d created I had to mention the new name… but Michael had beaten us to it… apparently he’s called Jonothon… 3 “o’s” for 3 humps!