Do you ever wake in the night… there is something lurking out there, but you can’t quite describe it… you can feel it inside you… you know it’s there… then it strikes you… hunger!


Me, I sleep through most things… a 2 year old with a keen desire to communicate her love for her parents at the top of her lungs doesn’t wake me… though an elbow in the ribs apparently works!

However if I were to wake I imagine that in my semi conscious state,


with difficulty in forming coherent thoughts… no change there I hear some cry… then I might be very impressed to open the bedside drawer to find a selection of suitable chocolate confectionary.

Sadly this will never happen to me… living in a house with 3 females prevents any chance of chocolate making it to it’s “sell by date”… but I know a hotel that will cater for those midnight munchies…

After 5 years, almost exactly to the day, we returned recently to the Wensle

ydale Heifer, near West Witton in Wensleydale, to create new imagery of the additional new rooms and latest menu dish



The new rooms all have individual themes, as did the original rooms created when the Heifer opened, now including “the Chocolate Room” where the bedside drawers, cupboards, framed prints, bathroom murals and decor all pay tribute to chocolate… sweet dreams!

We had so much fun, working once again with David, Lewis, Chris and the rest of the team there that I’ll post again… more tk…