I’m glad I’m a photographer and this blog is where I can talk about ideas, lighting, lenses and things like that… political this is not! 

But working as a photographer is punctuated with meetings and conversations… large and small… and they can be interesting and thought provoking discussions.

This image hangs on the office wall of an engineering company Managing Director. It was originally shot as part of a series exploring the Tees Cottage Pumping Station… one of the last remaining operational beam pumping engines and used to draw water from the local River Tees. It secured a reliable water supply for the town of Darlington and local area.

It’s the case that the town in which we have a studio has been at the forefront of several ingenious engineering advances in the past… and indeed several social and financial ones as well. We are even now seeing a nearby return of the railway industry it so famously pioneered. But it will not have gone unnoticed that elsewhere in the Tees Valley industry on which the region has built it’s history has been making the news for entirely other and more terrible reasons.

So what does an image of another time have to offer today’s engineering new world… apparently it reminds my client “that nothing lasts forever… and just exactly how far we have come…”