Looking through the driver side window of historic Mini Cooper rally replica at Croft Retro and Classic Weekend 2018. in North Yorkshire.


I can’t say that it’s been a quick process, but when a global pandemic gives you lots of “stay at home time” it’s probably a good time to make the changes I’ve been thinking about for so long… just that sometimes the route can be not that easy to follow…


Every photographer and studio out there has so many things going on at once, mostly out of sight of clients in the background. Shooting, editing, organizing, printing–not to mention the admin, marketing, accounting and social media management… it’s pretty endless the stuff just to keep the clients happy. We all do this just to keep our head above water since this thing called “digital imaging” landed on our doorstep. At times I almost miss the relative simplicity of film… shoot it, send to the lab etc…


If you don’t have a website, an online showcase for your work, you basically don’t exist as a photog. And it can’t just be a thrown together collection of “random stuff!”. You need to think about it, design it, and make it user friendly. The average prospective client, art director, or creative at an agency, has got, oh, about 2.5 seconds to find you, finagle their way into your website and be struck enough to keep clicking. You have to make it easy to find, simple, approachable, and fast. And, by the way, you need to have some good pics to back up all the fancy design, cross fades and type treatments.


I can’t say that our old website every matched up to those goals, good as it may have been when it first appeared. And the brand name made sense when Claire and I were Burns and Rowatt but that changed long ago as well!


So now seems like the perfect time to stop, take stock and build a new future… and no I’ve not divorced Claire (somebody did ask when they saw the new logo… you know who you are!)


So we are launching a new logo, brand, and an updated website. Notice the royal “we” there. Despite the time we’ve all had recently to learn new skills, web design and build is best left to the experts… so thanks to TENT for the new branding and Richard Carter for keeping the website project on the straight and narrow, keeping me (mostly) focussed on the deadlines and taking time to answer my sometimes “simple” questions!


So please have a look around… hopefully it’s all very easy to navigate now… and let me know what you think… if you have, you know, hopefully more than 2.5 seconds…

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